The Schutz Company is a global leader in organizational performance and a pioneer in interpersonal relations.

For decades, we have partnered with forward-thinking organizations to unlock the incredible power of their people and achieve results — financial, social, and environmental. We bring our expertise in human and organizational performance; our clients bring their technical expertise. In partnership, we accelerate organizational growth, value-creation, and collaboration.

Our firm has nearly 70 years of experience in group dynamics and 40 years in organizational applications, a track record nearly unmatched in the consulting world. Our approach is time-tested, practical, and scientifically based. The foundation for everything we do is FIRO® Theory — a unique, scientifically validated theory of interpersonal relations created by Will Schutz, PhD while on active duty in the U.S. Navy in the 1950s.

We have worked with hundreds of companies in dozens of countries. Our approach has been translated into over a dozen languages and we are part of a global network of practitioners who serve organizations around the world.

Our unique perspective is that the way that your people relate to each other and operate together are the source of organizational success. Our methodology has been developed over decades to align human dynamics with business results, and accelerate individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.


Shell Offshore

Optimized Start Up Performance of “Ram Powell” Oil Platform

  • Best

    first year performance

  • 97%

    Uptime (expected: 85%)

  • 4 Months

    Ahead of Schedule

  • $40 million


Procter & Gamble

Optimized Startup Performance of New Product Packing Line

  • 4 Months

    Usual: 22 months
    Best in plant’s history

  • $9 million

    Saved over average

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Improved patient satisfaction

Watch President & CEO Ethan Schutz’s recent TEDx talk, "Can’t You See I’m Busy Being Miserable?

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