Ethan Schutz Presents at TEDx Tarrytown

Watch Ethan’s talk at the recent TEDx Tarrytown, October 22, 2017



Ethan Schutz is a sought after speaker, master practitioner, and consulting expert specializing in solutions that produce cultural transformation.

Ethan has traveled the globe to bring a greater understanding of the ways in which to create organizational cultures of change, and the durable and lasting benefits of greater human understanding in the workplace.

Our integrated portfolio of solutions helps maximize the potential of the individuals you rely on for organizational success.

The principals and solutions Ethan utilizes create exceptional organizational cultures of authenticity and innovation that yield more productive and joyous places to work by integrating a deep understanding of human motivation and today’s demanding professional world.

Organizations such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The United Nations, and NASA have worked with Ethan to provide their employees with the necessary skills to address and overcome entrenched systemic problems, skills that continue to provide meaningful lasting change, measurable organizational productivity, employee retention, and innovation.

In his capacity as President & CEO of The Schutz Company, Ethan oversees a global network of partner organizations and practitioners across 91 countries and territories, and in 30 languages.

Ethan creates lively, engaging and interactive presentations.

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