Play to Your Strengths, Get Results

The LIFO® Method is a unique approach, appropriate for internal training, team building events, corporate retreats, or corporate universities. It is easy to introduce and use because it focuses on what’s right about leaders, teams, and individuals. The sustainable results are greater personal productivity, increased influence with key people, and more effective teamwork.

The LIFO Method builds on the strengths of each person, building a streamlined and effective culture of communication and understanding in your organization. A combination of a survey to identify each person’s orientation and simple strategies for working with others gets people talking and listening to each other, not at each other or past each other, resulting in capitalizing on everyone’s strength and contributions and working faster and better.

LIFO strategies help us DO this, not just give a list of behaviors for me to change. No New Year’s resolutions. Strategies help us to create new habits, a tiny step at a time (in keeping with modern research on creating new habits). This unique approach generates results of immediate, long-lasting value.

Work More Effectively with the LIFO Method.

Play to Your Strengths

Identify & make the most of your team’s unique strengths.

Meaningful, Cultural Change

Streamlined, effective cultures rooted in understanding deliver top performance

Effective Communication Begins Here

Individualized communication strategies boost team understanding, productivity & morale.

Make Better Standard

Create positive continual improvement as a core value of your organization.

Learn More About LIFO

Take the LIFO survey, read our success stories, & gain access to additional resources!

3 Ways to Get LIFO® Certified

Register for LIFO Self-Paced Guided Study

Work one-on-one with a Senior Master Trainer to complete LIFO certification at your own pace.

Request a Private LIFO Certification Program

Host a LIFO Master Trainer in-house at your location. For more information please contact us.

Attend a LIFO Certification Event

Complete your LIFO Certification in just 2 Days in a public program.

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Become a Licensed LIFO Practitioner:

Bring out the best in every team you work with & do better work! Ideal for coaches, consultants, and leaders.

January 1 - December 31, 2020
Life Orientations® (LIFO®) Certification –
Guided Study Program

By Webinar

July 9 - 10, 2020
Life Orientations® (LIFO®) Certification Program

UPENN HR Learning & EDU
Philadelphia, PA

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