Medical Eye Center Doubles its Growth with an Accountable Work Culture
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6 Ways to Optimize Performance Through Openness & Accountability

By: Lorin Gold

Growth is exciting and motivating for your employees, but what happens to your work culture when growth slows? Often, employee engagement suffers. When faced with these circumstances, Medical Eye Center introduced a crucial Human Element® based methodology at the upper level of the company, resulting in a reinvigorated work culture and astonishing retention rates.


Medical Eye Center – Medford, OR


Full-service eye care center employing over 150 people, Medical Eye Center, was experiencing partner conflict, which stalled their growth and was having a disastrous trickle-down effect on their work culture and employee engagement.


Successful top-level interventions led to the Center more than doubling its original size and becoming the largest eye clinic in Southern Oregon. The Center now has a very high upper-level retention rate — many of the C-suite staff have stayed for over 15 years. Over the past 19 years, Medical Eye Center has developed a very successful work culture that has led to a low lawsuit rate, a high employee retention rate, as well as an unusual rate of 17% “boomerang” employees who left and later returned, invariably citing the company culture as a major determinant in their decision.


Accountable Communications Technology (A Human Element® based methodology) was introduced at the upper level of the organization through consulting, training, and executive coaching. The success of this led to an organization-wide culture change – embedding the practice in the code of conduct, hiring, firing, and internal transitions. The central concepts now drive all doctor and manager retreats and strategic planning. The Center uses the approach to solve organizational problems while they are small. It has been an integral part of all aspects of the work culture for over 19 years, producing results on all levels.


Thompson Barton, Barton White Associates.

Keith Casebolt, Licensed Human Element Practitioner, CEO of Medical Eye Center.

Patty Casebolt, Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Clinical Director of Medical Eye Center.



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