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6 Ways to Optimize Performance Through Openness & Accountability

By: Ethan Schutz

Our business focuses on humans—how we work, how we sometimes get in our own way, and how we can work really well together. It is a fascinating and absorbing angle to take on business. And, we can easily fall into the trap of focusing so much on the people side that we lose sight of what we are trying to do ultimately: achieve business results. In contrast to humans, perhaps, businesses thrive on numbers—revenue, profit, ROI, and so on. If a business isn’t doing well it shows up in the numbers.

These two things fit together of course, though it is not always obvious how connected they are. If your people aren’t working together or you have a culture that it’s not functioning well, the business results will suffer. Conversely, highly efficient, productive, and innovative cultures will produce exceptional results. Activating your human capital by focusing on people and your culture can produce huge leaps in productivity—that is in your results.

It is vital to focus not only on making changes in your organization’s culture, but also on recording case studies that show the connection between what your people do and the outcomes of your business. Specifically, we must see the connection between measurable business results and any effort we make to improve company culture, team functioning, and individual effectiveness. 
This is always challenging to measure. There are of course many factors that go into producing business results and it can be difficult to isolate any one of them, especially human factors. And, it is vital. Crucial to the measurement is to plan for it up front by having specific goals for any and all projects. This is not only good business practice; it is essential for guiding people toward the goal. By setting the measurement in the beginning, and planning for collection of data along the way, we keep projects focused and can make course corrections if needed.

When we can show that we have had a significant impact on the results of the company by paying attention to the human side of the organization, we confirm that our people are our greatest asset, as so many companies claim.

See our variety of case studies showing measurable business results and think about how you can connect the seemingly fuzzy world of people to the concrete world of results.

What case studies do you have?