Live in Tarrytown: Ethan Schutz Presents at TEDx
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By: TSC Team

Can’t You See I’m Busy Being Miserable?

When we’re defensive, we’re trying to protect ourselves from something we know is going to be unpleasant. Though external circumstances may trigger defensiveness, it arises from fears we have about ourselves and how we may be perceived by others in those situations. Defensiveness can cause serious complications in professional and personal relationships. Knowing this, it’s common to avoid admitting that we’re defensive – a tendency that compounds the problem.

On Sunday, October 22nd, Ethan Schutz will be on stage at TEDx Tarrytown. In a counterintuitive, eye-opening presentation, he’ll be explaining how our defensive behaviors shouldn’t be ignored. If anything, we should do the opposite. Taking a closer look at the ways that we get defensive and how they affect us and everyone else in our sphere can lead to a much better life. We can liberate ourselves, be more authentic, and feel greater joy by being less defensive.

Something Scary Happens Every Day. How We Choose to Respond Matters.

All human beings share three basic fears. Experiencing these fears can trigger a defensive response. During the TEDx presentation, you’ll learn how to control the all too human response of defensiveness. Our original research into group productivity and interpersonal relationships reveals critical understandings about defensiveness that Ethan will be sharing at TEDx Tarrytown. Attendees will also gain valuable insights into the costs of defensiveness.

Defensiveness is a serious topic that is best countered by embracing our defenses and having fun with them. By increasing self-awareness and learning to laugh at ourselves a bit, we can accept ourselves and others more. We are then better able to cope with difficulties we have with people and situations without letting our fears get the best of us. These are the necessary conditions for peak performance and productivity.

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