The Integration of LIFO® Into Carrefour Talent Development
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By: TSC Team

Carrefour, the largest hypermarket, a supermarket and department store hybrid, retail company in Europe and second largest worldwide, is the ideal example of not just implementing The Schutz Company solutions but making them integral parts of a company’s culture. By giving all employees a common language via LIFO®, they are able to clearly communicate and keep up with changes in the competitive market.


With a focus on continuous improvement, Carrefour regularly looks for advanced people management and customer-centered focus at all levels of the organization. In the competitive retail business people skills and customer communication skills are crucial. Carrefour leverages LIFO® as an integrated and practical tool to train employees at all levels.


Carrefour has used LIFO® since the early 90s and its methods have proven to be a huge differentiator for the company, giving the employees and managers a common language that allows them to keep up with dynamism in the competitive market. LIFO® is used as a major component in all customer focus, teamwork, management, and communication programs. Additionally, the standard 2-day LIFO® training program ‘The Colours of My Behaviour’ is provided for all new staff, equating to approximately 400 employees per year. Over time, LIFO® has become engrained in the internal culture at Carrefour in both the head office and the stores.


Carrefour Talent Development collaborates works with four internally licensed LIFO® trainers as a part of the HR Department. Any external consultants they work with must have a LIFO® accreditation as well. Several LIFO® trainings are used to allow the participants to encounter practical applications of the methodology, improving their customer-centric thinking, communication, daily leadership, and teamwork. Additionally, LIFO® is leveraged for coaching, internships, and teambuilding. This methodology allows team members to frame business and employee issues in a strength-based perspective.


Philip Verhelle, Senior Management Training Specialist, Carrefour Talent Development & Marijke Theunis, LIFO® Training Expert, Human Challenge



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