Improving Patient Satisfaction at a Large Specialty Hospital in New York City
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By: Lorin Gold


A large specialty hospital in New York City


Patient satisfaction, as measured by Press Ganey, one of the top two satisfaction measurement companies in healthcare, was below standards in the area of “person cleaning the [patient] room” (Environmental Services personnel). Patient satisfaction scores were tied to performance evaluation for managers. Efforts to make all equipment silent, reduce intrusions, etc. had no impact on scores.


Patient satisfaction numbers increased following initial training to acceptable measures (90th+ percentile of similar hospitals) and remained at or above acceptable levels for over ten years following the start of the project. As a result, other departments within the hospital plan to use the same interventions.


Two-day plus one follow-up day training based on The Human Element® in Customer Service for all Environmental Services personnel including all managers, followed initially by monthly all-team meetings and follow-up training. Later, a three-day training program was instituted – along with a one day refresher program six months after. All new employees entering the department receive the training and join the monthly meetings.


Internal organizational development specialists
Gary Copeland, Master LHEP, Founder, Copeland Consulting
Ethan Schutz, Master LHEP, President, The Schutz Company



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