Gossip Is Fun
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By: Ethan Schutz

Let’s face it, it’s fun to talk about other people. After all, they’re usually the source of all the things that make our work life difficult. Isn’t that right? That’s the fun of gossip. We can talk to other people about the people who bug us and we all get to revel in the fact that we are collectively right. That’s a good feeling.

But it doesn’t solve any problems and it doesn’t get any work done. Yes, venting can be helpful at least in the short term. But the problem is usually magnified when we don’t talk to people directly. And, it wastes a lot of company time, effort, and money.

When we have the impulse to gossip, it means that there something that we care about but are afraid to deal with directly. That’s our clue. Time to take a deep breath and muster our courage.

If we’re serious about getting things done, being productive, and working with other people, we’ll talk directly to people, and all stop the gossip.