Concordant Decision Making
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By: Robert McNeil

“Will Schutz taught me one of the most useful techniques I have ever learned. As I drove home from the workshop, I wondered if I would ever use it. The very next week I saw my opportunity and have been forever grateful.” – Robert McNeil, Licensed Human Element Practitioner, Spring City, PA

The technique to which McNeil refers is concordance decision-making. This method from The Human Element provides a structure for a team to speak freely and honestly with one another, allowing them to use creativity and logic, stimulating the other members to arrive at solutions that they may not have come to alone.

In this particular application for concordance decision-making, McNeil lobbied with a CEO to observe an hour-long meeting. His pitch was simple: he would provide insights of real value to the CEO or team by the end of the meeting or they would part ways.

The CEO obliged and about 25 minutes into the meeting posed this question to his team: “We’re all in agreement that we should spend the $12 million on the integrated desktop, right?” He was met with silence by his team, which he quickly took as agreement. It was here that McNeil saw his opportunity to add value by asking the questions, “What does the silence mean?”

See what happened next and how McNeil used the concordant decision-making technique to save the CEO $12 million and strengthen the team over on his website.