Disruption Is A Good Thing
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6 Ways to Optimize Performance Through Openness & Accountability

By: Ethan Schutz

“I feel disrupted, in a very positive way.” It was the ending of one of our Human Element programs, and this participant looked around satisfied and thanked everyone for their assistance on his journey.

And then it occurred to me, disruption is exactly what we’re offering—of people, humans, and the way we are with each other.

Technology has disrupted many industries. Because it allows products and services to be delivered far more efficiently and in much greater volume at much lower cost, entire industries have completely changed in a very short time. New ones have come quickly into being and consumers have more and better choices than ever before.

But how little people have changed. We still operate out of fear, our desire to look good, wanting to win, and wanting to be right. We don’t focus as much on how we operate as we do on the systems that we create.

There is another way. Through awareness, real openness, and learning to cope with human emotions in ourselves and others, we can disrupt the parts of our culture that don’t work well. Like a well-oiled machine, or a well-designed computer application, change management and subsequent work not only goes faster, but is far better and more creative than we imagined.

Instead of continuing with our old mindset, we can replace it with another, in which everyone is in this together, where we are dancing with each other, rather than fighting. A mindset where everyone is looking for their own contribution to what we are creating together without blame and with the intention of succeeding together.

The Human Element® change management program disrupts the way you think of yourself and the way you interact with others. Starting with individuals, and spreading virally to teams, departments, and organizations, The Human Element supplants our existing cultures with ones that are efficient, lively, creative, and highly productive.

Are you ready to jump in and try something very different?