Changing the Conversation
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6 Ways to Optimize Performance Through Openness & Accountability

By: Ethan Schutz

How many times have you had that conversation? You know the one. The one you dread. The one where that other person starts to talk too much, get defensive or angry, over explain, complain, criticize, etc.

It’s easy to blame the other person. But it doesn’t change anything.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the way to make change is not to try to change them. The way I can make change is by changing what I do. Yes, even when it’s “all about them.”

If I do the same thing that I’ve always done when trying to effect change management, I’ll probably get the same reaction from the other person that I’ve always gotten. But, if I look for ways to change the way I talk about things, I may get a different reaction. I can ask myself, am I really listening to them? Am I speaking responsibly, stating my own point of view, and not labeling, criticizing, or shaming the other person?

In meaningful change management, every little thing that I do differently, changes the conversation, the way we work together, and the culture we work in. It might even be fun!