Turnaround of Boutique Resort & Spa to Multiple Award-Winning Employer of the Year Organization
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By: Lorin Gold

Natasha and members of the Brentwood Bay staff share their experiences using The Human Element approach for anyone interested in creating a better workplace atmosphere and improving staff retention. This is an insider’s view of successful and meaningful culture change.


Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa, an award-winning, 5-star oceanfront boutique luxury resort, located on Vancouver Island, Canada.


Natasha Richardson was hired as General Manager to turn around the resort and to change brand cachet for potential guests. Employee turnover was at an all-time high of 72%, and the reputation amongst locals was as one of the worst places to work.


Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa has grown tremendously over the past 5+ years. Since making The Human Element® a fundamental piece of their culture and operations, Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa has increased revenue and net profit each year, with a high of 23% and 36% respectively, and brought employee turnover down to 7.54%, unheard of in the hospitality industry. Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa has won numerous awards, including Employer of the Year, Canadian Tourism Business of the Year, and Top 10 Canada Resorts from Conde Nast
Travelers Awards.


The intervention began with the entire leadership team attending a Human Element® program. Since that time, the General Manager has used The Human Element® to inform the overall culture of the resort, impacting everything from the employee handbook, to performance appraisals to their employee development program. Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa also incorporated the Implicit Career Search, a program Powered by The Human Element®, to pioneer an ongoing employee development program. Not only has this program been rolled out to a majority of the staff — from the executive level to housekeeping — this is now a public program that they offer externally as part of their Leadership Centre.


Ethan Schutz, Master LHEP, President, The Schutz Company
Steve Miller, Master LHEP & Founder, Implicit Career Search

Brentwood Bay Resort LHEPs:

Natasha Richardson, General Manager, LHEP
Kelsey Darbison, Finance and Administration Manager, LHEP
Brittany Budd, Director of HR, LHEP



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