Our Approach

We work with organizations to help them achieve their goals by focusing on the human side of work. Research has shown that organizations with people who work together well outperform those that do not by a factor of seven. By focusing on the people, we support organizations to focus on their work.

FIRO® Theory, the organizing driver of all our work, was created by Will Schutz, PhD (1925-2002), a global expert in group and organizational dynamics. He spent his career devising methods for improving the way people work together, resulting in The Human Element, his comprehensive approach for helping organizations achieve their goals. In Schutz’s own words, “the full realization of FIRO Theory,” The Human Element combines the best of both behavioral science and experiential adult learning.

The Human Element® creates high performing work cultures — team members speak directly and truthfully to each other, solve problems together, become more accountable, and inspire each other. This sets the stage for all of the transformational work that we do: leadership development, high-performance teamwork and collaboration, talent development, performance management, decision making, and strategic planning.

A FIRO-based program