Attitudes are like birthdays; everyone’s got one. Our attitude is what guides us to happy productive lives… or not, and those are the attitudes we wish we could avoid. Even with the best of intentions, we may fall into negative attitudes that can translate to mistrust, backstabbing, fearfulness, and underperformance.

Negative Attitudes Can Lead To:

Poor Work Environments   |   Loss of Productivity   |   A Hit to the Bottom Line

Attitude Identification:  The ‘Usual Suspects’

These familiar characters can be found in almost any office and we can all become them under stress. Some are loud in their approach, while others fly under the radar, but they all contribute to a toxic corporate culture.

The Know It All

Insists that their way is best, not open to alternate perspectives.

The Blame Game Master

Deflects blame, always has an excuse at the ready.

The Minimalist

Frequently says “That’s not my job!”, does the bare minimum.

The DIYer

Does too much, never asks for help.

The Defender

Always has a guard up, argues their opinions beyond the point of reason.

The Quiet One

Too afraid to share their opinions or seek help.

The Office Gossip

Spends more time at the water cooler than at their desk, derails meetings with arbitrary chitchat.

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What Would an Attitude Adjustment Do for You?

No More Behavior Police

The number one mistake people make when dealing with attitudes in the workplace is becoming the behavior police. Managing behavior—establishing a list of acceptable behaviors and then expecting people to fall in line accordingly—is hard. People begin to feel judged and micromanaged, leading to even more dysfunction. When you address attitude, people stop working on each other and work on the work.

How Much Could You Gain by Addressing Attitudes?

The short answer: a lot! Negative attitudes = low morale and high conflict. In an organization of 1,000 people, the total annual cost of office jerks [people with negative attitudes] (TCJ = Total Cost of Jerks) is estimated at $750,000. Positive attitudes = money saved.

Beyond dollar value, when you focus on attitudes you gain time and productivity—including better planning, strategy, and implementation, lower employee turnover, discipline, complaints, mediation, sabotage, theft, and damage, fewer sick days, and opportunities you didn’t know you had.


Get a REAL Attitude Adjustment

Attitude is the secret sauce to creating and being part of a positive and productive work culture, but meaningful attitude adjustments don’t happen overnight. We’ve developed a proven process to transform negative attitudes and drastically improve productivity. If you’re ready to save your organization hundreds of thousands with an attitude adjustment, schedule a complimentary consultation with the experts at The Schutz Company to discuss your objectives and how best to deliver real, lasting results for you.

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