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Organizational transformation begins with a profound understanding of the current company culture. As a specialist in organizational culture and conflict resolution, Lorin Gold excels at bringing people together to work for a common purpose. Lorin Gold is the head of client engagement and support and co-owner of The Schutz Company. Her career includes leadership and transformative roles with corporate clients, non-profit organizations and significant educational initiatives for the Fullbright Program and the City of New York.

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Lorin Gold

Global Perspective & Entrepreneurial Experience

Lorin has worked with people from all around the world and every socioeconomic background. Her ethnographic approach is very useful for analyzing current workplace norms and establishing a healthier, more productive culture that brings out the best in everyone. With a calm demeanor and the ability to ask the necessary questions others often won’t, Lorin is a results-oriented change maker.

From Chaos to Collaboration: Building Teams Focused on Excellence

The proof is in Lorin’s results. She led the UBS team that implemented firm-wide change from an individual orientation to a team-based client service strategy, which resulted in teams with 9% higher asset growth and 19% higher revenue growth than the firm average. Additional work within the non-profit and women-owned sectors strengthened Lorin’s passion for creating a culture of excellence, engagement, support, and aliveness, where people are excited to come to work every day and wholeheartedly committed to the goals of the organization.

Authentic Cultures Deliver Better Results

By incorporating all aspects of people’s lives into the work that she does, Lorin helps people see that they can bring their whole selves to work and in pursuit of their goals. The result is a more effective, authentic culture where accountability is prioritized and results are achieved.

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Lorin is available to work with organizations interested in creating cultures of excellence and engagement.

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