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Meet Ethan Schutz

When organizations are serious about boosting productivity, encouraging collaboration, and creating a culture that brings out the best in every team member, they turn to The Schutz Company. Ethan Schutz is the President and CEO of The Schutz Company, and has worked directly with clients to bring about lasting positive change.

Ethan Schutz is a sought-after master practitioner, consulting expert, trainer, coach, and speaker specializing in solutions that produce profound cultural transformation. Ethan has traveled the globe to spread a greater understanding of the ways to create organizational cultures of change, and the durable and lasting benefits of greater human understanding in the workplace. This experience augments his earlier career in architecture and builds upon the work done by Ethan’s father, Dr. Will Schutz, originator of the FIRO theory and The Human Element.

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Ethan at Work

In his experience as a consultant and Master Licensed Human Element Practitioner ™, Ethan has worked directly with a vast array of companies and organizations to produce meaningful cultural change, including:

  • NASA
  • The US Army
  • The United Nations
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Sanofi (Aventis)
  • Abbvie
  • BAE Systems

  • Toyota Motor Asia Pacific
  • Santander Bank
  • Columbia University
  • American University/NTL
  • Melinta
  • Syneos

  • Regeneron
  • Abbott Labs
  • Booz-Allen & Hamilton
  • Canadian National Defence
  • Swedish Tax Agency
  • The Center for Creative Leadership


"I really cannot thank [Ethan] enough for the amazing Human Element training and follow up conversations. By far, the best event of 2017 for me was The Human Element training in Tarrytown. The best training I have ever had. Thank you for that! I will always apply what I have learned and will continue to work on my team at work."
- Leslie Cruz, Regulatory Affairs, Pre-natal genetics, Natera, Inc.


"Great information on how your behavior affects your organization. This training was life-changing. I recommend it if you ever have the chance to take the course. Those of us from UT have already discussed the difference we all feel this week. We’re much happier and hopeful, and we have discussed how we feel more "connected" – to each other and to the university.... You’ve managed to touch my personal life as well as my professional life in a multitude of ways. I am recommending the course to all my clients..."
- Cindy Posey, UT Austin

Can’t You See I’m Busy Being Miserable?
Watch Ethan’s TEDx Talk

TED is known for ideas worth spreading. On October 22, 2017, Ethan took the stage at TEDx Tarrytown, presenting his insights on an issue that impacts every workplace and organizational culture: defensive behavior. This 12 minute video highlights the essential elements required for meaningful, lasting change and is must-see material for any leader.


"...the flight home [after Ethan’s training] was one of the most intense flights of my life. It felt likeeverything from the week was rattling around in my head for three and a half hours...I came to some incredible realizations about my life, and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders as I rode in the taxi home."
- Brian Blackman, VLST Corp.


"[Ethan’s] workshop was incredibly facilitative for me - absolutely life changing. I am free now to live with greater integrity - and it feels good."
- Ed Hampton, Performance Perspectives

Work with Ethan

Ethan is available to work with select organizations and highly focused individuals who are interested in effective leadership, productive organizational cultures, and restoring joy to the workplace.

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