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October 4 - 4, 2017

True Alignment® Licensing Program


“The greatest challenge of business is alignment.” – Edgar Papke

Learn the art of linking company culture with customer needs from True Alignment creator Edgar Papke. In this three day program, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the True Alignment framework, helping you create organized and positive change for your organization. You’ll explore your organization’s brand intention and why your customers buy from you and learn how your strategy, leadership and culture supports or negates your success. After completing this program, you’ll have the tools and assessments you need to help align your organization.

This program is a special addition to the International Update and is exclusive to practitioners of Human Element-based solutions, giving you access to the 1 day program (typically held over 3 days) at a special price.


Practitioner of The Human Element or related solution.

Who Should Attend:

Practitioners of The Human Element, Radical Collaboration, Implicit Career Search, and The Human Element in Customer Service

Key Takeaways
  • Identify applications of True Alignment at the organization-wide and team levels to create cultural transformation and alignment
  • Learn a framework and process for strategic planning
  • Clarify your value proposition and competitive advantage
  • Discover the importance of the alignment of brand strategy and messaging to the customer experience
  • Gain measurable strategies for cultural alignment
  • Build skills for leadership alignment, development, and coaching
  • Identify individual and team coaching opportunities
  • & More!

Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma, CA



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