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November 2 - 8, 2019

Radical Collaboration Trainer Certification (RCTC) Course


Adeptly address the “elephant in the room” that no one is talking about: conflict! The Radical Collaboration Trainer Certification (RCTC) Program prepares you to become a facilitator of change within your organization, teaching concepts to effectively identify and address conflict, resolve low trust, high blame cultures, thereby allowing your teams and company to work faster and more effectively.


Completion of the Radical Collaboration program.

Who Should Attend:

Directors of HR, Directors of Talent Development, Employee Engagement, Organizational Development, etc., Trainers, consultants, coaches, as well as C suite executives, Directors, and Senior VPs in the following industries: Law, power and utility, manufacturing, financial services, health care, government, pharmaceuticals

Key Takeaways
  • Learn to deliver Radical Collaboration for the purpose of bringing it back to their organization through outside delivery or for future internal delivery
  • Learn tools to develop and keep collaborative relationships and cultures.
  • Learn to identify "red zone culture" and "green zone culture" and where your organization is.
  • Learn how to build a "green zone culture" of high trust, low blame, honesty, openness, dialogue, shared vision, and cooperation at work.
  • Learn the 5 essential skills of truthfulness, collaborative intention, self-accountability, awareness of self and others, and problem solving and negotiation.

Cuernavaca, Mexico



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