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August 13 - 17, 2018

The Human Element® Program


Run teams better, help work move faster, address conflicts more easily, bring joy to the workplace and more with The Human Element. Leaders Natasha Richardson & Steve Miller teach you the tools to create a new, positive work culture of accountability, efficiency, resilience, and innovation. By gaining a deep understanding of human systems in organizations, you’ll dramatically reframe your understanding of your employees’ day-to-day behavior, allowing you to start making organizational change at the individual level.


No Prerequisites.

The Human Element® course is a prerequisite for the Licensed Human Element Practitioner™ program.

Who Should Attend:

Group 1: C suite executives (COOs, CEOs, CFOs etc.), senior VPs, directors. New leaders and managers in technology, banking, pharmaceuticals, health care, and manufacturing.

Group 2: Coaches, trainers and consultants in talent development, employee engagement, change management, human resources, organizational development.

Key Takeaways
  • Learn a deep understanding of human systems in organizations.
  • Develop a culture of honesty, openness, and accountability.
  • Improve functioning between teams, departments, agencies, companies, etc.
  • Understand how teams work and the dynamics of group decision making.
  • Develop your team building and one-on-one communication skills.
  • Create positive ongoing change for yourself and others.
  • & More!

Victoria, B.C. Canada


Brentwood Bay Resort

Program Fee & Packages:

Additional package if you wish to share a room:
  • $2500 USD

    Double Occupancy (per person) Includes:

      • Program Fee ($2000 CAD)
      • Sharing King bed (2 guests in room)
      • Free WiFi
      • Fitness facility (basic fitness facility)

    *Please note you must register an even number of people at the same time in order to select the Double Occupancy package.

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