About Us

The Schutz Company is a consulting, training, and coaching company that specializes in solutions that produce effective transformation in forward-thinking organizations. We partner with organizations, leaders, and teams to accelerate their evolution and capacity to thrive in constant change. In other words, to be fully human at work.

We are committed to helping people create organizations that achieve their goals, financial, social, and environmental. In these organizations, teams are excited and engaged, effective and innovative, and healthy and friendly places to work. By unlocking the incredible power of people using their full energies and talents together, we support teams to reach a state we call Conscious Co-Creation™.

Our methodologies— Life Orientations® (LIFO®), The Human Element®, and Radical Collaboration®— are based on scientifically validated theories of human behavior, fit together, and can be combined to achieve specific goals, making dealing with many different organizational issues simple and efficient. The Schutz Company is the authorized representative for these methodologies in the USA and Canada.

Founded in 2008 and with roots stretching back over 40 years, The Schutz Company has successfully served organizations of all sizes including Fortune 100s, governmental agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, and numerous small businesses.

Our Team

Ethan Schutz is President & CEO of The Schutz Company. He is a sought-after Master Licensed Human Element Practitioner, consulting expert, trainer, coach, and speaker specializing in solutions that produce profound transformation in organizations. His experience starts with his earlier career in architecture and builds upon the work done by his father, Dr. Will Schutz, originator of the FIRO theory and The Human Element. As the global expert in The Human Element content and methodology, he trains Licensed Human Element Practitioners worldwide.

With a keen eye for group dynamics, Ethan works with teams to improve their capacity to be open, honest, and direct with each other in a way that unleashes their full potential. He delights in prompting deep shifts in people’s mindsets and team assumptions. Nothing inspires Ethan more than teams of people inspiring each other and making a difference in the world.

Ethan has written numerous articles on change and the use of The Human Element body of work and been featured on numerous podcasts and videos. He has worked with a variety of clients in many industries and presented in the US, the UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium, and the Netherlands. He holds a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Teachers College at Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley.

See his TEDx talk: Confront Fear Lower Defenses: Can’t You See I’m Busy Being Miserable?

Lorin Gold is a senior consultant, coach, and co-owner of The Schutz Company. She has extensive experience both as a consultant and a leader. Her career includes leadership and transformative roles with corporate clients, non-profit organizations, as well as significant educational initiatives for the Fulbright Program, the City of New York, and the Japan Foundation. A sought-after consultant and executive coach, she engages with companies and individuals to transform their performance by reinvigorating their culture and leadership abilities.

With a calm demeanor and the ability to ask the necessary questions others often won’t, Lorin is a results-oriented change maker. By incorporating all aspects of people’s lives into the work that she does, Lorin helps people see that they can bring their whole selves to work in pursuit of their goals. Nothing inspires Lorin more than working with leaders and teams to create authentic organizations for positive change in the world.

Lorin holds a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Teachers College at Columbia. Her credentials include: Licensed Human Element® Practitioner, she is also certified in Q Coaching, The Human Element in Customer Service®, Life Orientations® (LIFO®) as well as MBTI, Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument, PEAT, Leo Pusateri’s Value Proposition Ladder, and has trained at the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR) at Teachers College in New York.

Jerry Miller is the Vice President of Global Licensing. He collaboratively negotiates new product licensing agreements to support our network of practitioners, conducts extensive business development, and secures numerous large government agency contracts.

Marcia Johnson is the Vice President of the Life Orientations® division. She grows and supports the use of LIFO® among our network of practitioners. Her passion is helping people leverage their strengths—both in good times and under stress, celebrate their differences, find greater satisfaction, and achieve their long-term objectives.

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