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We are a consultancy that partners with forward-thinking organizations to unlock the incredible power of their people and achieve results — financial, social, and environmental.

In these organizations, people are inspired and engaged, effective and innovative, and feel respected and appreciated.


As the CEO & President of The Schutz Company, Ethan Schutz expands upon his father’s legacy. The global expert in The Human Element approach, he has been a strategic advisor and partner to executives across a broad range of industries and specialties for over 20 years. Ethan has written numerous articles on transformation and the use of The Human Element body of work and been featured on numerous podcasts and videos. He has presented in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, France, Spain, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

See his TEDx talk: Confront Fear Lower Defenses: Can’t You See I’m Busy Being Miserable?

Lorin Gold is Co-owner and Principal of The Schutz Company. Her career spans leadership and transformative roles with corporations, non-profit organizations, as well as significant educational initiatives for the Fulbright Program, the City of New York, and the Japan Foundation. A sought-after consultant and executive coach, she engages with companies and individuals to transform their performance by reinvigorating their culture and leadership abilities. Lorin is a Licensed Human Element® Practitioner.

6 Ways to Optimize Performance Through Openness & Accountability

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